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Gaston y Daniela Fabrics Collection 2013

These are fabrics that I couldn’t find when decorating houses. I wanted a special rose for a sofa, a yellow to cast you back and stamped with a touch of madness that combine well. – Lorenzo Castillo

In a high-concept style decor, we wanted to make a unique collection in which Lorenzo Castillo has been involved in the first person. From his studio-showroom has developed, together with the creative team at Gastón y Daniela, a collection of disparate but harmonics designs that combined result in elegant and exquisite decoration suggestion. – Gastón & Daniela

His palette is full of pinks, greens, blues and mustards; Greek frets and smooth velvets; fabrics with geometric – Op Art, Vasarely and Iturralde inspired – flower, calico, and Turkish-inspired kilt. All very different, which combined work nice.. – Bettina Dubcovsky, AD Magazine

The Collection






Saint Yago


  • On the walls, Tabanera GDT 5035-001.First, seat fabric Laidi GDT 5040-001. Pouf upholstered in fabric Ramón GDT 5038-004. Quadrants varied fabrics Saint Yago, Laidi, Lolo y Ramón.
  • Pepa fabric upholstered cushion GDT 5039-001
  • Butaca tapizada en tela Lolo GDT 5037-004 con cojín Ramón GDT 5038-004.
  • En primer término Pepa GDT 5039-003, Inigo GDT 5044-001, y Saint Yago GDT 5036-001
  • Tapizado con tela Saint Yago GDT 5036 -002
  • En las paredes, tela Laidi GDT 5040-006 en tonos verdes. Sofá tapizado con tela Tabanera GDT 5035-006 y butaca con tela Lolo GDT 5037-003.